Perfect glow solutions are not a remake of any other solution. These solutions are hand crafted by Melissa Weinberg of Melissa Weinberg Tanning and Beauty and, Perfect Glow Sunless. These Products are truly odorless. They dry quickly and do not leave you feeling sticky. All the solutions contain realistic bronzers, no more worrying that your tan is washing off and going down the drain when you take that first shower. Perfect glow Sunless solutions are top rated for longevity and fade. The ingredients that make up all Perfect Glow Sunless Solutions are Paragon free, Gluten free, and made from all-natural ingredients. Despite what other Spray tan companies might say, there is no spray tan solution out there that is 100 percent organic. This is due to the fact that DHA cannot be made organically. DHA is the active ingredient in most sunless tanning solutions and self-tanner products. DHA reacts with the dead skin sells on the surface of your skin to temporally darken it. Everyone’s skin is different. That is why it is important that your spray tan artist knows how to determine your skin tone and undertones as to better determine what level of DHA to use. Let’s say you and your best friend get a spray tan the same day using the same solution, but that’s not to say that your spray tans are going to look the same. There Are three Different classifications of skin undertones, Warm, cool, and neutral. Undertones will remain the same no matter how much sun exposure you get. Determining your skin tone will help to ensure that the level of DHA used will not turn you orange but give you natural flawless color. In conclusion it is wise to understand that not all spray tans are the same, because not all people are the same. Your spray tan should be completely customized to match your skin tone. With Perfect Glow Sunless you can rest assured knowing that there is a perfect solution that will match your needs, and help you accomplish the look you desire.

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