Our products are exclusive, tested by the FDA, created by a US Chemist. At Forever June Spray Tanning in Lebanon, Missouri we went the extra mile and completed many hours of research to determine which spay tan solutions will offer our clients in Lebanon, MO the best results for their spray tans. Our products our created here in the United Stated, in Florida. The products we sell and use our not a relable. Our spray tanning products are derived from natural based ingredients sourced from the United States from FDA approved facilities.

No spray tan solution is 100% organic, despite other spray tanning business claims. After hours of research we decided to offer Perfect Glow Spray Tanning solutions! I wanted to make sure and take care of my clients health and skin. Perfect Glow Spray Tanning Solutions offers health conscious products that I can recommend to my clients. Our spray tanning solutions offer many organic and natural ingredients. Our spray tanning products offer amazing color and ant-aging skincare products. The products I use for my clients offer many anti-aging ingredients. Forever June Spraying Tanning can create beauty but our spray tan products are not harmful like the tanning beds. Perfect Glow spray Tanning Solutions are not harmful and act as a skincare product to reduce aging skin. Again, our spray tanning products are luxury formulations based off natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free (PETA Approved). Note: There is no such thing as 100% organic when discussing DHA, but Forever June Spray Tanning uses EcoCert DHA which is the purest form but not organic. Here is their statement regarding this https://www.ecocert.com/en-US/home. We list full ingredients of all products. Our spray tanning products can be found in our store located in Lebanon, MO roughly 25 miles southwest of the Lake of the Ozarks https://www.funlake.com/. We also list the ingredients on our website.

Our products also offer spray tan extended or DIY at home with our luxury line of self tanning and skincare products. All aftercare products are paraben, gluten free and alcohol free. Personally formulated by a top United Stated Chemist. We invite you to experience the Perfect Glow difference with our 4 step tanning and maintenance system. No orange, no streaks, no yellow undertones just sunless perfection. Feel free to book a consultation or purchase product at https://myforeverjune.com/book-spray-tanning/. I wanted to end this section on a little secrete to extend the life of your spray tan – avoid using skin care products containing alcohol and or mineral oil. Keep skin moisturized. Use Perfect Glow After-care products available through my website or stop by our beautiful shop in Lebanon, MO 

I wanted to finish this post discussing a few more anti-aging solutions we offer. We are now offering a sunless additive. This additive will be added to our solutions and create reduced appearance of aging, tightening of the skin, can also pair with spray tan extend for prolonged results. This revolutionary product will fight and prevent the reduction of the skins aging process. This solution will tighten wrinkles on the skin giving a beautiful, refreshing, and younger look to your skin.

Please feel free to contact me concerning questions about our spray tanning products or services. I love creating happiness within the lives of others.

Email: megan@myforeverjune.com


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