Most frequently asked questions about spray tanning

EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE! I recommend using an exfoliating glove. It is important to shower, exfoliate, and shave at least 24- 8 hours before your appointment. This will remove any dead skin and provide an even surface for the solution.  (Showering right before your appointment can cause your skin to not absorb the solution very well do to the fact that it will be very hydrated).

You should always wear loose clothing and dark colors such as, Sweat pants, baggy t-shirt, sun dress etc. I also suggest flip flops or slides rather than tennis shoes, or any other closed toe shoe. You shouldn’t wear any tight fit clothes such as yoga pants, jeans, leggings, socks, etc.

Avoid the use of oils, lotions, deodorant, and body sprays. All these can leave a film on your skin that can affect the development of your tan.

Most spray tans last 5-10 days. With that being said there are certain things you can do that will shorten or extend the life of your tan.

You should wait at least 8 hours (12 if you want to be safe). If you did a rapid tan your spray tan artist will instruct you on when to shower.  You should avoid swimming, sweating, applying lotions, deodorant, or any perfumes to your skin until after your first shower.

Moisturize you skin with fragrance free moisturizer. Keeping your skin hydrated will play a huge part in extending the life of your tan. (Ask me about perfect glow tan extender, available for purchase.) Avoid swimming pools and hot tubs, any chlorinated water. Chlorine can make your tan fade faster. Avoid skin products that contain acid or peroxide. Also Try to keep shaving to a minimum. Shaving frequently can act as an exfoliant and make your tan fade faster.

the answer to this is no. You do not have to be fully undressed during your tan. the goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. disposable under garments will be provided to insure your comfortability. You are also welcome to wear other articles of clothing of your choice. For example, a swim suite. 

Spray tanning solutions Have been approved by the FDA for external use only. You should avoid getting it in your nose, eyes, and mouth. Face masks are provided upon request during the tan.  Lastly spray tan solution will be applied carefully to your face. During this time, you will be instructed to close your eyes and hold your breath.  

If you are planning to attend a wedding, party, photo shoot, or any other special event you should be sprayed 1.5 to 3 days prior. 36 hours is recommended to insure you have had time for your tan to fully develop and settle. This also allows time to rise off any remaining bronzers on the skin to prevent it from transferring to special garments you’re wearing to the event. 

To maintain a flawless golden glow it is recommended you have a new spray tan application every 9 to 12 days. It is important that the old spray tan is fully gone before applying a new one. If you spray tan to often without properly taking care of your skin, you’ll have a build-up of solution. This can prevent your new tan from looking as good.

there are a few tricks you can use to remove your spray tan. Use exfoliating scrub, take a hot bath, try going for a swim or soaking in a hot tub. You can also try this recipe, mix lemon juice with baking soda or baby oil. Rub this mixture on your skin. Let it sit for about 5-10 min, wipe off with cleansing wipes.

With your obstetrician’s approval. Although the FDA has deemed spray tanning safe, the final decision as to whether or not spray tanning is appropriate during your pregnancy should be made by and your doctor.

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